Uncovering Secrets to Treating Client Isolation…


Just for a moment, imagine yourself at a family gathering for the holidays.  Look out onto the faces of the people you love.  Feel the stripping away of the stress of daily life and the warmth of realizing that these people that you love also love you back. Nice feeling, right?  I would venture to say [...]

Uncovering Secrets to Treating Client Isolation…2019-01-28T14:57:01-07:00

How to find a therapist


Many times, there are calls from first-time potential clients that proclaim that they are unsure of the process of therapy.  I love these calls because it is an opportunity to educate someone new to therapy on the ideal process.  Here are the steps I recommend: Determine whether you would like face-to-face therapy or online/phone therapy. [...]

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